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Arrested Development blue me away

Tobias Funke - The Worlds First Analrapist

Being a big fan of Arrested Development I was more excited than a teenage boy getting his first broadband connection when I heard that Netflicks had chosen the revive one of the my favourite TV series. Although I must admit a little disappointed when I heard that it would only be for one season, I was still overjoyed at the thought of one more season of  Gob, George Sr., Lindsay, Tobias, Michael,  Lucille, George Michael, Maeby, and one of my favourite characters Buster.It was one of the biggest mistakes that Fox made cancelling the series that followed the lives of the Bluth family, the series was full of comedic gold often provided by the whole cast, the cancelling of the series is something that should have been contested in court by Bob Loblaw!  In addition to the new season, there is a possibility of a full length movie adaptation to follow. The new season is due to be released sometime in May (Netflicks are yet to confirm an exact date). Watch this space for updates! Steve Holt!

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